Dr.Savitha.K.C(M.P.T) General Secretary, PREET

  Dr. Savitha.K.C is the brainchild behind the initiation of Pre School Teachers Training Institute. Holding the responsibility as a Secretary at Patel Rehabilitation and Education Empowerment Trust (PREET)R, she has proved time and again to be the sturdy backbone of it. She is the front-runner when it comes to leading the strong PSTTI team. Within a short span of time she has empowered women and defined a new definition for a lady through this channel. She is a Postgraduate in Physiotherapyspecializing in Cardio-Respiratory Physiotherapy from RGUHS. She is also an Assistant Professor by profession but always finds time to come back to her first love – Enriching Experience in Education.

  Drawing inspiration from the Medical field and simplifying the same in training teachers to its applicability. She trains in the scientific aspect to subjects such as Health and Nutrition, Learning disorders in children, the overall health aspects and instilling habit of hygiene and good behaviour in tiny tots.

Dr. VatsalaIyengar (PhD., Education and Teaching – Indian Education Academy, -MPED., - Masters in Pre-Primary Education, B.Com)

  She is the Program Coordinator as well as a Mentor & Counsellor @ PSTTI. Dr. VatsalaIyengar, now conducts training programs for teachers and children with special emphasis on “Phonics” and how it can be implemented as a part of the school curriculum to teach children to spell, read and write better. She is also an excellent Story-Teller and voice modulator. She has written numerous articles, blogs and has been interviewed by many media.

  In addition to conducting training programs, Dr.VatsalaIyengar, has also developed theme based curriculum on phonics, and has authored books for Pre-primary children.

  She was an Education and Training Consultant with Scholastic India, a leading publishing company which has branches all over India. She has also served in reputed institutions like Jain group of Institutions, Presidency group and Nurture International School. She also observes and conducts Teacher Assessments and guides schools in CCE activities. She believes in quality education with holistic approach.

She is the Founder of ELLE Kidz (English Language Learning Made Easy for Kids).

Mrs. Gurjit Kaur Anil Bhatia (M.A in Education, Post Graduate Diploma In Education Management (PGDEM), B.Ed. Special Methods – English & Science, B.Sc)

  Ms. Gurjit Kaur Anil Bhatia, has been serving as a mentor of Education since 1999 till date. She is passionate about the Preschool Education & is a perfectionist when it comes to deliverance of knowledge. She unscrambles the complicated understanding of the needs of early childhood education and put into a more structured and simpler form which makes the teacher to deliver her best.

  Her greatest strengths are overall pragmatic approach which helps to create a best Early Childhood educator. She also brings in a lot of innovative thoughts in Thematic Lesson Planning, creating own teaching aids, multiple intelligence approach, Curriculum planning and development for Preschool level. She is also well known for designing &framing Curriculum for learning disabled children. She holds a Certificate for Personality Development & Communication skills and has conducted related workshops. She has also chaired as a Resource Committee Member of Child Development and Learning Cell for the year- 2008 and 2009.

She has presented a paper entitled ‘Developing Spoken Language” at the NAAC Sponsored two Days National Seminar on “Quest for Excellence” for Benchmarking for ‘Quality Enhancement in Teacher Education Institutions’. She has been awarded as ‘The Best Teacher’ from Rotary Club of Bombay Central & Young Buzz.

She simplifies the method of introducing the concept of Math for a child of Preschool age. She has worked with D.A.V Public School, Godrej School, Udayanchal Primary School and her contributions are significant.

Ms. PrathimaRudresh(B.A, Montessorian, ECCE)

  She is a true Trained Montessorian by nature. She guides us into the wonderful world of Montessori training and what a teacher is supposed to do or not to do.She has made an indelible mark on the observant minds of the young students and mentors to teacher trainees in the areas of Montessori. She has been trained by the renowned Montessori Trainer, Mrs. MeenakshiShivaramakrishnan who is a pillar of knowledge in the Montessori system of education in India. At present, she is serving at Jain Group of Institutions. She has conducted numerous workshops in reputed Schools on the Art of Handling Montessori manipulatives and various other related topics.


Ms. Sowmya Srinivas(M.A, B.Com, ADME, ADNE, ECCE)

  Has over 8 years of experience in this field. She is an excellent Story Teller and an English trainer who expertise on how languages can be introduced at a young age. She is a treasure trove of Stories and Rhymes, old and new. She guides teachers on how to use creatively imbibe the wonderful objects around us by using them as teaching aids for the students. She is actively involved in projects which enable the teachers to learn the intricacies of good teaching habit and also is a strict disciplinarian on matters of quality education.

  She has served in many well-known reputed Schools. Currently she serves as Pre-Primary Academic Coordinator and Facilitator in Embassy Public School. Her previous work places are: Sri Chaitanya Techno School, Jain Public School, Sri Krishna International education Society.

  In addition, she is also a Theatre artist and Vocalist. She is also a fine arts teacher and is a trained professional story teller. She serves as Voice over Artist for Advertisements and many Advertisement companies, Bangalore. She has presented many stage shows in vocal music and other cultural events. She was short-listed for anchoring in Radio-Mirchi 91.1 FM

Ms. Parvathi Kiran Sivadas(M.Sc – Human development, B.Sc)

  Child Psychology being one of the most important part of the curriculum is handled by Ms.  Parvathi Kiran. She delivers lectures on child psychology and development and also helps  students in case-studies which are child-centric. She brings-in the enigmatic approach to the  subject which is usually considered dry. In addition, has completed her training in the basic  skills of Child and Adolescent counselling from Parivarthan Counselling and Research centre.  She also takes sessions on interpersonal communication and listening skills. She has been  awarded for best academic performance during her graduation.



Our Supporting Team:

- Ms. Neelam (B.Com, CS –Intern) – Program Facilitator, Admin& Accounts, PSTTI & Preschool Association of India(PAI)

- Ms. Swapna (B.Com, MBA) – Program Facilitator, ELLE Kidz (English Language Learning Made Easy for Kids)

- Ms. Sadaf Mazhar (, M.B.A, M.A, B.Com, ECCE) – Ex-Principal - PSTTI

- Ms. Amrithavalli (M.Ed, Ex-Principal- KendriyaVidyalaya, Founder- Visishta Preschool) – Guest faculty

- Ms. DhanashriDeshmukh (B.A, Yoga Instructor) – Guest Trainer @ PSTTI

- Ms.  UnaizaSamreen (BSc in Home Science – Specialized in ECCE) – Guest trainer

- Mr. Manjunath (B.E) – Co-Founder Pentamine Technologies, Technical Advisor – PSTTI

- Mr. Shankar (M.S, B.E) – Co-Founder Pentamine Technologies, Training partner – PSTTI

- Mr. Dayananda. S.G (DMLT) – Assistant Officer - PSTTI

Freelance Trainers:

Ms. Aruna. R

Ms. RevathiDandapani

Ms. D. Nirmala

Ms. Sayeeda Paul

Ms. Rachna Mishra

Ms. Vandana Malik

Ms. Paromita Biswas

Ms. Sandhya. N.B

Ms. Sandhya Ramprakash

Ms. Divya Madan

Ms. NirmeenFathima

Ms. Supriya Pradhan

Ms. RoopaRossita

Ms. Bensia Sonia Pallot& many more

Our Helpers:

- Ms. Bhagyamma – House keeping

- Ms. Shobha – House keeping

PSTTI is happy and blessed to have you all in our team without your support we couldn’t have dreamt so high.

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