Services provided by PSTTI to Educational Institutions:

  • Curriculum Development - Inculcation of Lesson Plans and Teachers Counseling on how to use appropriate tools for Academics
  • Teachers’ Assessment - Annually, Bi-Annually or Quarterly
  • Teachers' Workshop on Varied Topics - Customized depending upon the needs of the school
  • Students’ Assessment - Researched Analysis and Report
  • Students’ Counseling - Each child in Particular or At Large
  • Placement Provision - for Staff & Auxiliary Aids in School
  • Personality Sessions - for Parents and Care Agents
  • Creation of Worksheets - As Question Paper, Home Work or Progress Test based on the Level of Education
  • Counseling provided with regard to Special Education
  • Support and Rehabilitation of Women - by Empowering them through Education

All of the above services are provided by PSTTI for Schools with Children of the Age Group 3 to 16 Years.

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