I was a student of the class of 2011/2012 at Pre School Teachers Training Institute (PSTTI). My experience at PSTTI is one which i can,t soon forget. The support and compassion shown by all, was remarkable. Lessons were taught with the student's future career in mind, and i came away each time with complete clearity of what i has been taught. Due to other responsibilities , I was not able to attend all the classes, but nothing was ever too much for both principal and lecturers alike, and i could always call on them for extra guidence where i had missed out. It was a fine year for me and i am extermly grateful for all the assistance and encouragement i recived at PSTTI. Thanks to a very understanding faculty, i achieved an above average end result. The word of encouragement to all those of you may think that you are beyond your years, and would not able to study successfully.I am what most would call 'elderly' and infact turns 68 years of age during my final exams, so i assure you, PSTTI will help you to achieve success too! - Laura Lotter (ADME) South Africa.

t2-160x190I am from maldives. I heard about PSTTI from the net. I came to india specifically to learn about PreSchool education for this institution because there is a dearth of. Early years education in the place where i live. So i came here and started studying. I made many friend in college and the teachers are very loving and knowledgeable. I am happy that i came to now about so many aspect of life. i got excellent results. I have now opened a Pre School in my native town and i'm excited and looking forward for a bright future. Thank you PSTTI for being a positive turning point in my life! - Aishath Suhaila (Arts Graduate, ADNE) 



t5-160x190I have been associated with PSTTI for the past one year and already my senior at school can find a lot of difference in me. I have become more understanding and compatible. Whats more, my student love me for it.Thank you PSTTI for given me value added education. - Maulika Mintu Sha (B.Com, ADME, ADNE)

t6-260x190My first priority was my family but i always wanted to achieve an extra mile after my MBA.Hence i started surfing and found PSTTI and was very impress with the courses offered.Thats how now i'm successful and most loved pre primary teacher. I thank all the staff of PSTTI for what i'm today. - Nitya. B. Kalyani (MBA, ADNE)

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